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Ah, the Village…

As they say, it takes an entire one to raise a child. For many suburban parents, their Village provides an incredible support system, one without which they could not imagine getting through the stresses of modern-day parenting. For others, navigating suburban parenting in the Village can be daunting, lonely, or filled with head-scratching WTF moments.

This blog is dedicated to stories from the Village: from the inspiring and uplifting to the cringe-worthy and judgmental; from the heartwarming to the heart-breaking; from the funny to the downright insane. It also features suburban social commentary–sometimes personal, sometimes humorous or satirical, and always pretty relatable.

Could you live without your Village? Or, is your Village about to drive you crazy? Either way, let’s get Villaged together. (And look for the Getting Villaged Podcast, coming soon!)

About the author and creator of this blog:

Sulla Rose writes mysteries and psychological thrillers filled with suburban New England shenanigans, plenty of humor, and a good dose of romance. In her day job, she is an attorney, author of fourteen published nonfiction books, and of course, a suburban mom.

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